Spooky's Geek Boutique

Meet the Team

Creating unique fashion for the geeky world!

Meet Our Team!

We are passionate about fashion and everything geeky!


Our team (which is really a duo) consists of Jessica, Kevin, and our three misfits Sprinkles, Diego, and Dora!

Our company was founded in 2008 by Jessica with a completely different line of products, only 1 person, and a completely different name. A few years later we rebranded to Spooky Designs. That's when we launched our jewelry and original hat designs. That's also when we designed the logo we have now. 

In 2013 we changed directions artistically and expanded our product line to include hair bows, fascinators, and the launch of our clothing line. We also acquired our Co-Owner Kevin as our second employee and official seamster!

Towards the end of 2014 we officially changed our name to Spooky's Geek Boutique and decided on the direction our company was headed. We started designing women's clothing that has pockets, functionality, and makes actual SENSE! 

On the horizon for our company is the switch to non-gendered clothing and many more style launches!