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Frequently Asked Questions


Is everything you sell actually handmade? Is it made in the U.S.A.?

Excellent question! The answer to both is yes! Our home base is in Toledo, OH. We hand craft our designs, patterns, and every single one of our items. Right down to hand sewing each hair bow!


Are these items allergy free?

We absolutely do our best to keep them allergy free. That being said, even though we have an office room we keep all of our supplies in and do a lot of our crafting in, that we do not allow our cats into, that doesn't mean it will ever be 100% allergen free. We do our best to make sure our items are as allergen free as we can make them.


Is your jewelry nickel/allergy free?

Our suppliers tell us our findings are but that is not always true. I cannot 100% verify that any of our jewelry is completely allergy free. However, we do use jewelry shield on our earrings to help prevent allergy issues. We can do custom orders with sterling silver but there will be an upcharge. We are currently looking into an allergy free substitute for our brass and copper items.

Do you take custom orders? 

We DO take custom orders! That being said we mean within reason. Generally, the orders should be based on something we already produce but in maybe a different color, fabric pattern, or size. We have the right to refuse any custom order we do not feel comfortable taking.

Do sales work on custom items?

Unfortunately not. We only do sales on pre-made, in stock items. We usually have one major sale around the holidays and it is a super busy time of year for everyone! We absolutely love custom orders and we still take them during the holidays! We would just like to be compensated for the time being put in during this stressful and busy time. Our apologies for any inconvenience. 

How do I make a custom order?

Email us or contact us on any of our social media to work out a custom order! We can do a consultation and arrange the terms. Once the order itself is sorted out it will be listed for sale on our website for you to purchase safely! We will require measurements when taking a custom order. Please refer to this chart. 

Photo courtesy of Google image search

Photo courtesy of Google image search


Do you communicate in other languages than English?

Not currently at this time. I'm very sorry about that!